Friday, October 15, 2021


Bad news. We have been unable to secure a dependable supplier for our bacon so unfortunately has come to an end.  
Thank you to everyone who tried our products, and a very special thank you to everyone who bought from us on a regular basis.  You gave us hope that this endeavour might work out.
We are not alone in experiencing supply chain issues like these.  It’s become a new fact of reality during the pandemic.  Good luck to all of you in finding your bacon replacements.  We continue to shop local, and try out various butchers and meat suppliers to try to find bacon comparable to our product.  Many have come close, but still no ringers.  


But as a wise person once said, “There’s no such thing as bad bacon,some is just better than others.”
Thanks again for giving us a chance.
Craig & Mike
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Hello Bacon Lovers

Thank You for Thinking of Us for All of Your Bacon Needs

Welcome to where we are proud to supply you with, what we believe to be, the Best Bacon, Anywhere. Our old-fashioned, thick-sliced, slab bacon from up in the Ottawa Valley is great with your morning eggs, your lunchtime BLT, or larding and barding your evening roasts.  Try some today!  And don’t forget to tell your neighbours… now offers FREE delivery in most of Ottawa & Gatineau!
Here’s one of our favourite quotes  from a customer: “This is like the bacon you had when you were a kid.”  
We’re pretty happy to be supplying bacon that brings back memories like this.

Thank you for visiting  It is our pleasure to provide what we believe to be the Best Bacon, Anywhere to you, our discerning customers.

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