8 OZ Campfire Bacon


Campfire Bacon – Slow cook quickly!  Going camping?  Pressed for time?  Let BestBacon.ca help you with our pre-cooked, vacuum-sealed Campfire Bacon pack.  A half-pound of our artisanal slab bacon par-cooked to save you time at the campsite or even at home in your kitchen.  We’ve even included a dollop of bacon drippings to keep your bacon from sticking while you cook it to a crispy finish (or you can eat it as is if you like your bacon a bit on the soggy side).  Perfect for backcountry trips, paddles, or hikes, it won’t add much weight or bulk to your pack.  No refrigeration required.  And it’s always a treat to have some bacon while you’re preparing for the trek ahead, or recovering from the steps already covered.


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